About Me


Hello! I'm Sayuri

Wanna know a little about me?

I was born in Lugano, a beautiful town on a lake in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

When I was four my mom packed up us four kids and moved to Florida, where I spent 20 years eating oranges, going to the beach, and doing whatever else it is people assume happens in Florida. It was mostly playing sports, taking bad selfies of me and my friends with disposable film cameras, and studying. 
  Then in 2012, I decided to visit my grandparents in Lugano and hang out for a year. Between cycling, snowboarding and hiking, a year turned into five and I found myself wondering what was next.

Well, his name was Diego, and we met at a Belgium beer festival. He told me he was from the Marche, I said I’d never heard of it, he said come visit, and there you go! When I moved down I had just bought my sister’s used Nikon and decided I wanted to learn how to shoot on manual. So began my journey into photography. That was six years ago, and now we have two beautiful boys, Oliver and Benjamin, who are my favorite models and have taught me the importance of photography and documenting all these brief moments in our lives that fly by. 

My hobbies include:

 cycling, hiking, long naps, eating allllll the carbs, skyping with my nonna (yes, it's a hobby, and a rather entertaining one) being messy, running around like a madwoman when i see good light, and constantly trying to convince my boyfriend to let me get a cat. 

I'm a bigtime extrovert but I  can also appreciate an evening alone reading a book. or binge watching netflix. or just enjoying the silence one doesn't really have when they have small children.