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Hi, I'm Sayuri

I'm an 80's child with a love for early 2000's hip hop and rnb.

I'm living la dolce vita in a little town called Morrovalle, located off the Adriatic coast of Italy.

I was born in Switzerland but grew up in Florida and therefore have a wonderfully awful american accent when I speak Italian.

I have two little boys, Oliver and Benjamin who keep me on my toes constantly but are so darn cute I think I'll keep them. 

I've always loved photography, dating back to being the designated photographer with my disposable camera for any and all events.

I get a little crazy when I see good light, it may seem like I'm having a seizure but I'm just really really excited. 

I've always struggled to be quiet and karma is paying me back by giving a child who never shuts up. 

My biggest passion outside of photography is cycling, I used to live on my road bike before I had a family, now I'm an occasional weekend warrior.

I love peanut butter and eggs and Italians always look at me like I'm going to keel over at any moment when I tell them how much I consume of each. Always good for a laugh. 

I'm also always down for an aperitivo, so let's connect!

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