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Hey you! 

Welcome to my little slice of the internet
What do I with this camera of mine?

I document a little snippet of your life.
The way it is right now.
These moments are so fleeting that it's absolutely essential to capture them in photos.
Nowadays we often hear about this "storytelling" and "lifestyle" photography... but what is it?
I find it to be a mix of portraiture and documentary. It's combining the fly on the wall approach but also using prompts and feedback to create an atmosphere where the subjects can relax and be themselves,
It's not "look at the camera and say cheese"
It's not in a studio, with flashes and props. 
It's in your home, surronded by your belongings that will mean something to you when you look back at the images.
It's outside, at the beach, in the mountains, in a field of sunflowers... wherever you feel most at home.
Does that sound like fun? Trust me, it is! 

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