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Dalle Colline al Mare - Servizio Fotografico di Gravidanza

Early October is a transitional period here in Central Italy. All the grain, sunflowers, and corn has been cultivated, so the rolling hills colored with golden waves have become more faded, gearing themselves for the winter to come. Yet, it's also early, the leaves have only just started changing colors, which means those typical fall colors have not yet arrived.


With a little exploration and creativity, there is still so much beauty to be found nearby. Fabiola reached out that she wanted to document her growing baby bump, but she gave me "carta bianca," which is pretty much the lottery for a photographer. So we jumped in the car, after doing a few shots of her at home, and drove around the colline of the nearby town Montelupone, stopped at a this little patch of chestnut trees on the way back to the seaside, and then I made her take off her shoes (there was a little bit of a protest here, I admit, but I promise it wasn't cold) to walk along the beach where her and her boyfriend spend many a summer day relaxing.

It was a perfect afternoon spent documenting not just her beautiful bump, but also their love for one another, which is quite evident in the photos. So here are a few from their session.....


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