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Family Holiday in Umbria, Italy

My sisters and I have started an annual tradition of finding a random villa somewhere between Lugano and Morrovalle (they live up north and I live in central Italy) and spending a week with our 8 kids, husbands, a pool, food, and maybe a little wine (you saw what I said about 8 kids right?)

Well this year we invited alone our dear friend Alina and her little family... so that made us 8 adults and 10 kids. We were outnumbered. Cue the wine.

So we found this villa outside this tiny village Otricoli, located in Umbria, and off we went.

Half of our family was born in August so we had a few birthdays to celebrate, starting off with my lovely other half, Diego (who decided to cycle 185 chilometers from our home to the villa cause that's what one does when they go on vacation. ps, I had to go pick him up cause he was dying after 165k, which, in 35 degree August heat, was understandable)

We spent the week by the pool, meal planning, and playing Who Am was perfect and I'm already counting down til next year's adventure.

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