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Servizio Fotografico di Famiglia a Montelupone

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Sometimes you just get lucky with the light and you have this amazing golden hour that makes you feel like you could photograph a rock and make it look amazing.

Other times, you get a family that is just so cute that it makes your heart explode and you feel like they could be dressed in potato sacks and it could be pouring down rain but the photo would be, you guessed it, amazing.

But then. There's a time where you get BOTH, at the SAME TIME, and your little photographer brain implodes and all you can do is hurl semi cohesive prompts at them and pray that your camera puts it all in focus because it's all just too much.

This was one of those instances.

Rebecca, luckily for me and my tongue tiedness in Italian, is Irish, and her three beautiful children all speak English perfectly (with the cutest irish accents, don't get me started) so I was already pumped that I wouldn't have to continuely ask how to say things like "whisper" and "frolick" in italian ( I love doing shoots in Italian, but sometimes I feel like my clients are laughing AT me and not at my horrible attempts to be funny in Italian)

I was even more pumped when we both showed up 10 mins early (this doesn't happen in Italy, It just doesn't) But the most pumpedupness came when we set foot on this field and saw the sun setting, and the kids just took off running. Ahhh it was awesome.

So here is a little recap of this family shoot done 10 mins from my house.

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