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Fotoservizio Gravidanza all'alba in Civitanova, Marche

Growing up on the west coast of Florida offered me beautiful sunsets that required little effort to enjoy, who isn’t awake in the evening?

But here in Le Marche, we’re blessed with beautiful sunrises, that for those of us who aren’t really morning people pose a bit of a problem. Not to fear though, if you dangle a couples maternity shoot in front of me I’ll wake up at whatever hour you want to... as was the case with this beautiful photo session at the Civitanova North beach.

We almost parked in a tow away zone and I’d like to thank the kind stranger who walked past me as I was getting out of the car and said, “guarda che oggi è giovedì, ti fanno la multa” (its Thursday, they’ll give you a fine)

300 meters in reverse and a safe parking job later, we were ready to watch the sun come up.

I’ve loved documenting this bump for Ilona because it reminds me of my pregnancy and how quickly it went by and also fast I forgot about it. Therefore, sales pitch ladies: take alllll the photos of your growing bump because otherwise you won’t remember it 🤪🤪🤪

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