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Fresh 48 in Thun, Switzerland

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Soooo I have two sisters, Barbara and Deiva. We are all a bit crazy in our own way, but Deiva takes the cake this year! Our trip with our grandparents to Riggisberg, a small town in the Bern Oberalp area of Switzerland, is an annual tradition.

You don't mess with or miss the tradition.

Not even if you're 39 weeks pregnant.

Especially if your name is Deiva, and this is your fourth kid.

"No... I'll never go to labor so early, all the others were a week late, so will this one."

Famous. Last. Words.

You guys should've seen my nonna's face when she found out Deiva was coming.


So fast forward to the morning of August 25th.

I hear, "Amo." I groan and roll over. I don't have time to listen to Diego, it's 3 am, I want to sleep.

" AMO"

"Ha scritto che le sono rotto le acque" (she wrote her water just broke)

I panic. I desperately grab the three most important things I could think of in that moment.

Car keys.

Face mask.

Camera. (well duh)

I run upstairs to where Barbara is sleeping. I barge in. "HER WATER BROKE"

She goes, "did she have the baby?" "I don't know" "where is she?" "I don't know" "why don't you know" "CAUSE I CAME HERE FIRST LET'S GO"

we rush down two flights of stairs to find Deiva in the doorway, laughing. Obviously still pregnant. (not to be taken lightly considering her last labor lasted like 5 mins)

Long story short, she and her husband and three kids all piled into their car and drove to the nearest hospital (after barbara and I called the surronding ones and attempted to navigate through to someone who spoke english or italian (we're in the german part) and as we were hanging up with one hospital Deiva said "sta cosa della lingua ci freghera`" (this language barrier is gonna screw us lololol) They checked her, said "ma'am you're not going anywhere" when she inquired whether she had time to drive back to Italy (where she was SUPPOSED to give birth) and Gioele was born about 12 hours later.

Fastforward 12 hours later, a strict "NO FAMILY MEMBERS, ONLY THE CHILDREN AND HUSBAND ARE ALLOWED IN" and there I was, with the same mask in hand, camera in other, ready to sneak my way in to see my sister. I know guys, Covid. I know. I couldn't resist. I literally saw no one. I walked in with the kids and there wasn't a soul around.

And that's where these photos were taken. After about 45 mins the doctor came in, gave me a very disapproving look, and said in french that it was against the rules and at this point I was already out the door. So no, I don't recomend sneaking a photographer into your room after you give birth, unless she's your sister. Butttt I'm so happy I got to be there and capture those first few moments that Patrick, Leo, and Nicole met their newest little brother, because they're priceless.


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